Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pot out-of-Luck update #1

OK - the countdown has started and already the plan is falling into chaos.  Since the dinner is at my house I always tell everyone I will have the appetizers prepared since we need them as the first guests arrive.  I also provide beverages as, again, I need them at the start of the party.  Some people do bring bottles of wine as contributions or hostess gifts, I've never figured out which.  But the fact remains I can't rely on those for the party.  So, we sent out the email letting everyone know what food was needed for the party - main dish(es), side dish(es), dessert, salad, etc.  It pointed out that appetizers were already taken care of by me.  Final update shows that a person that always shows up about an hour late is bringing appetizers, someone who is always an hour and a half late - often appearing after dinner when the party is just wrapping up - volunteered to bring wine, and we have three desserts for 14 people.  I found out strictly by accident that a person who had offered a side dish was bringing chili which counts as a main dish in my book and that changes my plan to fix Chicken Marbella since 1) it may be unnecessary and 2) it would be a disgusting combination with chili. 

I will now have a cold appetizer platter prepared for the early guests (cheese, olives, artichoke hearts, salami, etc) and hope the appetizer people show up before dinner.  I'll  make corn bread to go with the chili and have corn chips, cheese, sour cream, green onions available to quickly put on the table in case Sheila doesn't bring anything as toppings.  I think I'll have a couple of giant cans of refried beans in the cupboard that I can quickly fix in case we have no appropriate side dishes to go with the chili.  I could turn them into giant platters of nachos which can also turn into a main dish in a pinch.

I feel like I'm in some food network game show where the menu keeps changing and the contestant, me, has to continuously replan in order to put together a meal before the final bell. 

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