Thursday, May 29, 2014

Currently on vacation in Florida (is that what to call it when you are retired and everyday is vacation and you are actually at your own home?).   We started the trip with me throwing a conniption because I really, really, really did not want to fly down in my husband's little airplane.  Once I did some serious nidra yoga I finally resigned myself to the trip and we had a lovely flight down. In fact, as a nice surprise my husband had arranged our first stop to be in Chapel Hill where one of my good friends met us for breakfast.  The rest of the trip was uneventful, thank goodness, and we arrived in time for drinks and sunset on the porch. 

As this was to be my husband's "airplane vacation" we flew to Miami to see his uncle, then on to the Keys where we had a fabulous time in Key West and Key Largo with his cousin and his wife.  They picked us up at the Marathon airport and we drove to Key West for dinner and sunset at Mallory Square.  Key West has gotten very touristy, or actually even more touristy, with all the big cruise ships docking there and Duval Street is nothing but crap tee-shirt shops and bars but Mallory Square with the street performers is always fun at sunset. Then the long drive back to Key Largo where his cousin has a house. The next day was out on the boat for fishing - actually they fished and I sat and enjoyed the sun and the breeze and the scenery. It was a super day with perfect temperatures. Later we went back on the boat with more friends for drinks and sunset and then back to the house for grilled fish for diner.  Finally, the next day back to the airplane to go to Ft Lauderdale to see my sister-in-law and her husband for dinner and the next day back to our beach place. Lots of flying and luckily we had good weather for all of it.  Good thing we didn't try it this week as temps have risen, more clouds have moved in and we have the threat of thunderstorms each afternoon.

The rest of the trip  has been do-nothing;  some beach walks, kayaking, some trips to Home Depot for some small home repair items, and I read a trashy novel.  He worked incessantly on his old sailboat to get it ready for the yearly marina inspection.  It should pass inspection as long as they don't have to trailer it to the launch dock as the trailer is completely rusted through and would never make it and would leave the boat stranded in the dirt.  (I see the purchase of a new "used" trailer in his future.)  We also had dinner with friends a couple of evenings and that has been fun.  My husband leaves on Saturday and then I will have my opportunity for more beach time (he just can't sit still and enjoy the beach) and some shopping and visits with 'my' friends. It's been a great vacation from my life of permanent vacation.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Today one of my daughter's "cancer friends" died.  They never met in person but had been part of a very active on-line support group for young women with breast cancer.  This young woman, Holly, was diagnosed at the same time as KT and with essentially the same "kind" of cancer and they were essentially the same age. Holly was 25 years old;  KT was 27.  They received the same treatments and through their on-line group received support, hugs, laughs, they bitched, and complained and aired their fears and hopes and anger with people who understood.  Holly's cancer metastasized and she died;  KT's didn't and she lives.  Bad luck vs good luck.  Holly worked throughout her treatment until the last few weeks and then quit her job and entered hospice to die but because of our entirely screwed up medical system had to figure out how to pay for dying.  To continue to receive medical insurance and thus hospice care she had to pay for her insurance through COBRA continuation of coverage but without a job, and with her resources reduced to $0 because of the cost of her care she couldn't afford it.  She, or her friends, started a GoFundMe page  looking to raise the $5000 they estimated she would need to pay her expenses for her final weeks.  Little bits of money dribbled in - $15, $25, $50.  Katie posted her site to Facebook and KT's friends contributed even though they never met this young woman. I contributed and was so sad that this had to be one more worry for her and her family and friends and was so thankful that it was not KT who was dying.   Holly died this morning having raised $3,050.  I wonder if it is enough to cover her funeral.