Tuesday, July 24, 2012

of this and of that....

1)  I'm already tired of all the political squabbling.  Listening to the Republicans makes my head explode.  I will not make it to November at this rate.

2) On the good news, no, great news front - KT successfully defended her dissertation and is now Dr. KT!  We are so proud of her!  After her defense we went to Morton's for dinner which was a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime event  as I cannot stand to pay what is the equivalent of a month's rent for most people on a dinner, no matter how wonderful the food and service (and they really did make it a special celebration dinner for us). 

3) and the boat that son D crews on came in third in its class in the Chicago-Mac Race!  What an accomplishment!  He is finally coming into his own in a field where being able to do the job means so much more than being able to take a test.  He now uses engineering skills,  math/trig, and a solid understanding of general physics to make that boat go faster and faster.  He also wants to get teenagers interested in boat building to help them develop craftsman skills, team-work, and work/life skills.  He knows that for some kids they need to use the education that they don't even realize they have in order to make sense of it.  He's developing contacts to help him start a non-profit foundation.  Hopefully it is 'profitable' enough to pay him a salary.  And he has a lovely, not-crazy, girlfriend!

4)  I've been thinking about a comment Bushafullofgrace made on my Seven Deadly Sins quiz.  She had scored low on everything but envy.  She felt badly that she had become envious after her financial setbacks have hit her so hard.  And I felt badly that what was to have been a fun little quiz had resulted in her unhappy reflection on her situation.  And I realized that it's easy for me to not be envious when I have so few wants that are not realized.  But there are actually two kinds of envy:  1) a "bad" envy where you are resentful of what what others have, and 2) a "good" envy that does not wish other's ill because of their good fortune but which motivates you to move forward.  I'm going to postulate that Busha is in the "good" envy category where she is making the best of her situation and will continue to move forward to her happiness.  


marianne said...

Oh goodness, yes, I feel in the good envy state. I didn't even realize I was envious until a silly little quiz taken in fun told me so! hahaha And I think the only thing I truly want for is to live worry free again. To live in a cozy place I can call my own and have the means to know I can let go and get old and my kids won't ever find me a burden. :) When that day gets here I'll take the test again. ;)

marianne said...

Yay. KT. YAAAAAAAY!!!!!! xoxoxos