Friday, September 21, 2012

I actually feel kind of sorry for Ann Romney

Although I think that she is a terrible, thoughtless, and rude person, I sort of feel sorry for her, too.  She's been made to be a main player in Mitt's campaign, required to meet, greet, and sell Mitt to the public.  Unfortunately it isn't a job for which she is well suited and it shows.  And it probably isn't something she ever wanted to have to do.  I'm certain she liked her pampered life where everyone took care of her every need, she had so much money and influence that no one ever disagreed with her point of view (at least not to her face), and where everyone thought that she, and Mitt, and the Mittens were just so perfect.  Her tantrums, and I'm certain that she's had many, were behind the solid closed doors of their home and not on public display. 

Now her life and her tantrums are public fodder.  I know how hard it is to bit your tongue, smile, memorize people's names and children's names, and make pleasant, inane conversation with people you hope never to see again.  It's hard and tiring and grates on your last nerve.  And in her case results in her saying something awful. I sometimes think she might be doing some of this subconsciously hoping that it will torpedo Romney's election chances, because if he would win this is her life in the public eye for the next four years.  She doesn't have the grace and the intelligence to handle the job of wife of a presidential candidate much less the job of First Lady, and I think she knows it.  I hope her plan works.


ellen kirkendall said...

I can't help but wonder how she would like living "over the store"in the White House. Just can't quite see it.

jaykaym said...

@cinderellen - I wish there was a "like" button for your comment!

Hattie said...

You know I think the Romneys really hate being public people. So let's do them a favor and send them back into private life.