Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From "I See You Everywhere" by Julia Glass

"I've tried, I really have, to let go of the world - but I can't.  The world weighs so much and it bears down so hard."

"......we had our full dose of Sunday school - like a course of antibiotics...."

"I have learned, just recently, to give people things to do in a crisis.  Accepting favors is an odd form of mercy."

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Marianne said...

"Accepting favors is an odd form of mercy." I love this Jane. I think about it a lot. And it's such a cazy phenomenon (in my own head) where I feel the light of the sky in my heart when I am able to help someone out. The happiness just bubbles inside of me and pours out my ears! But when I am on the receiving end of goodness, sometimes it just makes me feel like I have less, am less, do less. Not always. It really is an instantaneous guage of my internal compass of each particular relationship. Do I want it to get so deep in contmplation? No. I want to just devour the kindness with gratitude then just sit in my big ol' chair with a toothpick, digesting kindness and smile. I'm trying! Love you Jane!