Friday, January 03, 2014

One of my favorite people just announced she's no longer going to maintain her blog.  I do thank her that she posted her announcement and didn't just leave me hanging and worrying as I have for some other blogs that I read and then had them just stop. 

This blog,, was very special to me, it was actually the first blog I really followed and connected with, and I've always wished we could have connected IRL (in real life - I'm starting to understand some of the new text lingo).  He life had its ups and downs, and rounds and rounds but she kept it "real", as we said in the 60's.  It was not sugar coated, or turned into a sarcastic rant, or made into a TV sitcom.  It was her life, her family, her happiness, her troubles.  She kept me grounded reminding me that we have to see the beauty where we find it, we have to accept the pain along with the joy, and we are never going to make the right decision every time. 

I think this may portend the end of the blog era.  People are moving to Facebook where there is more immediate feedback and more pithy writing, but I was looking for the story, the person, the commentary, the personality, that I found in her blog. 

So, Marianne, so long, I'll miss you.  You know where to find me. Stay in touch.


Marianne said...

Aw thank you! maybe it's not forever. I sent you an email yesterday.... xoxo

ellen kirkendall said...

I think it's true that blogging is being left behind as the shorter forms (Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter) gain traction. I still try to keep a presence, but at times it is a challenge.