Thursday, January 29, 2015

Still at the beach.     We've had windy weather but managed a couple of long walks on the beach, some lunches with good friends, and a successful shopping day.  We also spent considerable time glued to the he TV watching it snow in the north.  My son in Providence, RI made it through the storm and and he and his lovely girlfriend did turns shoveling to keep ahead of the snow accumulation at their condo.  I hope the other residents of their building appreciate their work.  I keep checking to see if Ellen has checked in from the Cape. Ellen, if you read this, please let us know how you fared.

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ellen kirkendall said...

Hey! Didn't know you were looking for me. We are OK on the Cape. Probably have received a bit over 4 feet of snow since Jan 28, but can't really complain because in the same period Boston has received around 8 feet. We have hooked up with a regular plow guy, and since we live on a road that is regularly plowed the world is our oyster. The side street are not quite so good - plowed, but pretty much one lane. We now believe any temperature over 20 degrees is pleasant!