Monday, May 11, 2015

My Mother's Day gift was a visit from my son.  He has a new job as a sales representative for a marine hardware wholesale company and his territory at its very southern reaches includes the D.C. area.  He had sales calls set up in Annapolis for this week so he arrived Saturday for a visit.  He had no idea that it was Mother's Day when he arranged this but he gets my credit anyway.  We had a nice quick visit and it is such a treat to my father to have him around.  They are both sailors and talk for hours about stuff that I do not understand.  My son is so lovingly patient with my father and treats all these conversations as though they are the most important things in the world.
Grandson and Grandfather  at Washington Sailing Marina - Two sailors talking sailing


Hattie said...

Pleasant days. I like the photo. Is mom behind the lense?

ellen kirkendall said...

Your son is quite handsome. I'm glad your Mothers' Day was a good one. May the summer bring you all kinds of good things.