Thursday, January 07, 2016

April in Paris

Just before Christmas I was sitting at the kitchen table looking at Facebook on my phone when I saw an Iceland Air ad for a flash sale with RT fares to Europe at just over $600.  Absolutely too good to be true!  But it was true and I snagged two RT tickets to Paris for around $1260, which is less than the price of one ticket in the on-season.  So off to Paris we go in April for 9 days...... We've never been to Paris and my French is limited to saying "my name is ...." and "I don't understand"  but being fearless I booked us an apartment in the 2nd arrondisment and we will just rely on the kindness of strangers to make it all work.

I've been doing my research and welcome any suggestions anyone has on funny, special little things to see or do. We are spending all of our time in Paris and the local area so hope to not be so rushed we can't do some of the off-the-beaten path things we enjoy.

And now I'm starting on my packing list - colors are black, naturally since it's Paris, and dark plum. Today I went to the outlet mall to return a Christmas gift sweater and I scored a fabulous sweater jacket in black and white that is oh, so Parisian!  and a scarf to go with it!  A new plum colored shirt is on order from Eddie Bauer (you know, like my favorite shirt but with long roll-up sleeves) so I feel like I'm already packed and ready to go!

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Hattie said...

Hmmm. Thought I commented here. Anyway, Happy New Year and congrats on your coup in finding a cheap flight to Paris. My advice: Just do what you see other people doing, especially the Parisians!