Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cook-out plans

Party on Saturday for Charlie's office.  Right now the weather looks perfect with a high of 77 and partly cloudy (I wish I knew the difference between partly cloudy and partly sunny but I'm figuring partly cloudy means more sun than clouds.)  The forecast for Friday is heavy rain so I just hope that the rain comes on time and isn't delayed until Saturday!

The turnout should be small as we are competing with multiple kid soccer games, birthday invites, etc.  Right now we are at 15 and I figure will will be at 17-18 max.

Menu is simple:

Cheese straws,
nuts, pub mix,
cheese, crackers, vegetable cheesecake, crackers, sliced cuban bread

Cook-your-own steak
Potato and Green Bean salad
I need another vegetable or salad - maybe sliced tomatoes with feta?  That sounds good with steak.  Or the chopped tomatoes and red onion.....Final decision is a tomato salad with red onion and feta.  That should be hearty enough.

Rolls/butter  Make more rolls!

Ice Cream and Toppings

Have some hot dogs and chips for kiddos.

Hopefully the lawn won't be total mush after the rain so that we can play croquet, ladder golf, and badminton. 

So my list is -
Grocery shop - Wednesday or Thursday
Tidy and do a surface clean of porch/deck - Thursday or Friday
Whoops - need to mow lawn - Thursday before Friday's rain!
Friday - cook, cook, cook
Saturday - buy ice, set up (Don't forget the palm tree cooler!)

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