Friday, September 09, 2011

within the hurricane

We were hit with the edge of hurricane Irene, but during Irene I experienced a hurricane of my mother-heart that caused far more damage than Irene.  For this reason I removed all my postings as they had caused hurt to others. (No, not my father, who is the one that I always complained about, and if you've read my blog you know of my plans and concerns for his birthday party, which was an amazingly good party on a gorgeous day-after-the-hurricane and sometime I'll post the video of him dancing!)

I'm currently struggling with what to do. I miss my blog, and I really miss my four readers. I never meant to write anything hurtful but I'm not a skilled enough writer for the small smile that indicates that my entry may be only a gentle teasing meant with love.  And I'm not even certain which of the entries were so hurtful so I fear repeating my mistakes. But I miss my blog, so, I'm trying again.......

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marianne said...

Oh my goodness. So sorry for your hurricane of the heart. We did miss you as you can see from my blog! Ironically, I went through something similar last week with facebook. Almost started WW3 within my family. Thank gawd I bit my tongue because it has all blown over (almost) now.

Love you and so glad you are back. xoxoxo