Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Arrived at the beach yesterday to  forecast of tropical storm-ish weather.  Can't call it a tropical storm since it has no name, much like the almost-hurricane that hit a couple of weeks ago and from which the area is still recovering. But I actually love the stormy days at the beach. This morning is starting as grey, steely, and very breezy.  Warm, humid air streams through all the open windows. The reflection of the sky in the river is a clear grey.  Everything seems very still, despite the wind.

I need to get moving and get to the grocery store, the library, and run my errands before the storm hits this afternoon.  I've considered spending the time painting the cabinets in the bathroom as they are definitely showing their age.  I may stop by Ace Hardware and see if I can find a good color.  It would mean that I'd need to use the air conditioning as nothing would ever dry in this humidity.  I'm sitting here with  sheen of perspiration for that "glow" that you hear about in the South.  I'm one of the only people on earth that likes humidity.

I've had my breakfast, picked up the house, and need to get moving for the day instead of looking out at the river where it seems like a still-life except for the tops of the trees blowing.

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