Monday, October 03, 2011

Do I know where the crowbar is?

Today is housecleaning day.  I've read all of the housecleaning websites and know that you clean from the top down.  In my pre-retirement life I just cleaned in any old order and occasionally (more than occasionally to tell the truth) skipped steps and only cleaned the things that were visibly dirty.  But my bedroom was visibly dirty in all corners.  How do we generate so much DUST? 

So, I've now cleaned all the corners of cobwebs, I've dusted all furniture, I've wiped down all baseboards, I've "swiffered" all wooden floors (including removing all stuff from under the bed!), and it is time to vacuum the carpets on each side of the bed. 

I go downstairs to the small closet that contains the vacuum cleaners and I pull on the knob.  Nothing happens.  I pull harder on the small double door that doesn't even have a lock on it and just pushes together in the middle.  Nothing happens.  I  beat on one side of the door hoping to knock loose the strangle hold it has on the other side of the door.  Nothing.  Apparently our recent humid weather has now permanently swollen the doors and they have become one giant immovable sheet of painted wood.

And my vacuum is stuck inside......  Next step is to rummage through the garage for the "wonderbar" to pry the doors loose.  This may not end well.  I once ripped the door off of my oven when I was trying to clean it. I have a bad history when trying to "fix" things......

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