Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arrived in Florida last week and have been busy ever since.  Highlight of the week was the fly-in to River Ranch, a somewhat tired cowboy style resort in the middle of Florida.  We were meeting a group of other pilots there for the weekend.  We had a great time - attended my first rodeo, hung out with Steve and Vickie, tooled around in a golf cart, and met Bruce, a fascinating individual.  Bruce is probably in his 70's, way into his 70's, and he is from Ohio.  He flew his little airplane to River Ranch where they have camping facilities and he is living there for the next couple of months in a tent that he has equipped with satellite TV and an electric blanket! I asked how he gets groceries, etc since this place is truly in the boonies and he has no car and he replied that he flies up to Winter Haven to the Wal-mart each week!  You could tell that he was a bit lonely and bored and I guess that it is better to be lonely and bored in a warm place where he can hang around the little airport and watch the planes and talk to the pilots than to be lonely and bored in cold Ohio in the winter.

Now I apparently have a full schedule of guests for the next three weeks.  I'm going to feel like I run a bed and breakfast.  Today I should work out some menus for dinners as I hate to have to do that on-the-fly when people are here and going to a restaurant is always a little iffy here.  I'm happy with a beer and fish sandwich at the fish camp but some of our visitors are critical of the service, the ambiance, etc when it isn't up to their standard. Beach standard is a lot different than city standard and I find it is easier to feed them myself than to listen to the complaints and comments.  If they complain and comment about me they know they won't get invited back!  I'm looking on for recipes as her recipes don't usually require exotic ingredients which I can't get here and they are very straightforward and have never failed to be delicious!  I'm thinking "Crock Pot Chicken a la Criolla" for my first arrival on Friday night, with Cuban bread and a salad. 

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ellen kirkendall said...

It could be worse - I am trying to have more video chats with my kids but they mostly communicate through Facebook!