Saturday, January 07, 2012

This and that

ok, back to my normal kvetching.......

My father is slowly moving into fewer rooms in his house.  This morning we moved an electric piano from the downstairs family room up to his 2nd floor computer office.   In an much earlier incarnation this was the "children's room" so now we have a piano where the crib used to be, a giant computer table, some bookcases, and a single bed that is still decorated with stuffed animals and an amazingly scary clown doll.  I would offer to help decorate this room to remove the children's remnants (since they are now 32 and 26 I don't think they will mind)  but the clown scares the shit out of me.

C and I are heading to Florida next week.  He has been talking and planning for weeks that we would go in his little airplane (against my better judgement).  This morning he finally got around to weighing all the stuff he needs in order to fly - airplane equipment, safety stuff, books, etc - and determined that we don't actually fit into the plane.  We fit in terms of volume but not weight.  I was joking about being able to carry more when backpacking than I could take on the plane but it turns out it was not a joke.  I think that I will now be able to buy an airline ticket and meet him there.  And I'll ask him to carry the giant bottle of Aveda  shampoo that I was going to have to leave behind.

I am approaching the end of the first year of my retired life.  My closet is still full of clothes that I wore to work.  I am having a hard time determining what I should keep for those infrequent times you need a good suit or dress, and what should be donated.  I will never need all six black jackets of various styles and fabrics but which is the ONE that I should keep??  I am a good candidate for "what not to wear" or at least a new show called "what you shouldn't have in your closet".  Maybe this is a project I should schedule for the anniversary of my retirement.  That means I can put it off for a couple of months.

Thursday evening we are going to attend a casual dinner with a bunch of former and current military people. These are people that my husband worked with in his military life, which thankfully is over, as I was not very good at the "spouse of" role which was required. (They even sent us to 'Charm School" but I did not emerge very charming.  I was more horrified by the people I met.)  I spent a lot of time memorizing people's names, and trying to keep silent and smiling vacantly.  Our political views are not lined up with the  current military mind-set and now that his career is behind him I find it more and more difficult to not say something snarky during conversations with this crowd.  I need to start practicing now so that my head doesn't spin around like in "The Exorcist". 

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