Saturday, December 20, 2014

When my kids were growing up the rule for dinner was "I fix dinner, you eat dinner. No substitutions."  We didn't allow to the children to fix a peanut butter sandwich if they didn't like what was served or to complain about what was served.  This has now led to a conundrum when they return home and I want to fix meals that they like - I have no idea what they do or don't like to eat!


ellen kirkendall said...

We ate what was served too, but the grocery budget at our house really didn't extend to exotica, so everything served was pretty kid-friendly. I do allow the peanut butter sandwich, but then I am the Grandma and thus permitted to spoil children!

Happy New Year to you and a year of fun surprises!

Hattie said...

You are too funny! My approach to feeding my kids and grandkids this season is, "Fill up those pieholes!"