Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Fixed Expectations"

Cartoon from today's Washington Post.

In my family I'm the person that has all the "fixed expectations" of what Christmas should be and what we should eat and what we should be doing.  I have let some things go as I realized that absolutely no one cared whether we had gingerbread men or not, and I have managed to downsize decorations expectations but I still find myself thinking "Oh, we must must have fresh blueberry muffins for breakfast or it won't seem like Christmas."  Who am I kidding?  Yes, we like blueberry muffins, and yes people eat them, but no, they won't feel like they have been deprived of Christmas if I don't get around to making them.  And I think more feelings have been hurt by insisting on "traditions" than have been hurt by breaking traditions.  So, everyone, lighten up.  and Merry Christmas.


naomi dagen bloom said...

Isn't always the women who carry these expectations. Because it has been an identity issue: who am I if not with bagful of minor family history?

marianne said...

This post inspired me to ask each child to write their favorite family tradition, and then, while discussing it get the REAL deal of emotion behind it. For me personally though, tradition melts my heart and soul into joy. But that's just me. Just sayin'.... ;) Happy happy joyful days to all of my Blogland tribe gathered here! xoxoxo