Sunday, December 18, 2011

I need another list

Doing Noche Buena and Christmas breakfast and dinner in the space of less than 24 hours means that I need a list now more than ever.  None of it is that hard, it's just a lot and I'm afraid I'll forget some critical item.  So, here I go again.....

Baked goods -
cookies and sweets - done!
Make dinner rolls for Christmas dinner - can be frozen
Make cranberry bread and blueberry muffins - can be frozen

Monday -
Grocery store again - Aldi for Mediteranean dip and cheeses, block of cheddar for breakfast casserole, celery
Wrap gifts

Tuesday -
Sweet potato casserole - put in freezer
Stuffing casserole - put in freezer - half made - just add egg and broth and bake

Wednesday - make black beans, picadillo,

Thursday - set up tables, etc
cook sausage for casserole, shred cheese for casserole, do any other slice and dice tasks

Friday - cook turkey - what a great idea Daddy had - do this ahead and just slice and heat the meat on Christmas Day!
Make dips for Noche Buena
Get out all serving pieces and mark contents

Saturday - Make Breakfast casserole for Christmas morning.
Pick up cake at bakery!
Cook yuca, finish off picadillo
Cook fresh ham

pull everything together  for Noche Buena!  So far at 32 guests and counting!

I'll make many more grocery store trips before the week is over, and I've forgotten many tasks but this should help me stay on track.  And I hope the freezer will hold it all and that I remember to get things out of the freezer in time for them to thaw!

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