Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I interrupt your holiday preparations with.....

...a little dose of reality.

Really, don't you think that we have set ourselves up for failure with the holiday fanfare?  Yes, grew up as a Christian, although I think I've now grown out of it, and yes, I have always and will always celebrate Christmas with the tree, the food, the cookies, the presents and the whole 9 yards, and yes, I'm as depressed as hell during this season.  I feel like Don Quixote in my quest for the perfect gifts; I am disappointed to acknowledge that my family drama will not resolve during the two hours of a made-for-TV Christmas drama; and my relentless need to try to create some special Christmas is totally unrealistic. So, today I'll do my best to get some perspective, and will fail miserably, but I am confident in my knowledge that in a week and a half this will all be over and things can get back to normal.  I can hardly wait.

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