Friday, February 03, 2012

I am now all fired up!

This assault on women must cease!

The Susan G. Komen Foundation and all their pink crap decided to pull the grant money they provided to Planned Parenthood under the guise of "they are under investigation."  Bullshit.  One ignorant, vindictive Republican congressman has called for an investigation which everyone knows is politically motivated bullshit.  After the backlash they changed their story to "we are doing more targeted grant funding".  Well, when you get two different official versions of why they did this you can be certain that the real truth is entirely different.  For that story please read this short article from "The Atlantic"  I never liked the Komen Foundation because 1) I couldn't figure out how pink Campbell's soup cans cured cancer and 2) they spend an outsize amount of their funds on administrative cost and fundraising. Only 20% of the money goes to program.  My local social service charity which relies on small donations for fundraising does better than that with 90% going to program. 

I used the services of Planned Parenthood when I was young.  I fit their perfect demographic - 20's, working, with insurance but this was during the days that insurance didn't cover birth control.  I did NOT need a baby in my chaotic life at that point. Planned Parenthood was there for me and needs to be there for millions of women, young and old, today. 

So my four readers, please consider going to this site I Stand with Planned Parenthood and sign their letter of support. And a small donation would be nice, too.  Remember, they were there for me when I needed them, and I want them to be there for you if you need them.


jaykaym said...

This piece of pink crap is REALLY over the top. Susan B. Komen has just partnered with Discount Gun Sales to sell a PINK HANDGUN for breast cancer. If they can't kill women by denying them care, they'll just take out a gun and shoot them. This is for real - here is the site

naomi dagen bloom said...

Gee, thought I was only one who'd noticed though not sure where. There is an all-out war on/against women. What would it take for the 30 and 40 somethings to get active?

That would get more attention than old, second wave feminists like me who have been pissed about all the compromises over the past 20 years.

Sorry but there is no discernible women's energy here in Portland, Or. I was really annoyed to get emails about Feminist Majority upcoming conference bordered in PINK, for crying out loud. And no way to view program.

Oh, and it's about money & power. Geez. I'd rather sign another petition.