Friday, February 24, 2012

I have not recently been inspired.  Politically, here in the Commonwealth of Virginia it seems that all the politicians have taken leave of their senses and it is too depressing to even comment on.  And on the home front things seem to be going well and I don't want to jinx anything by making an encouraging comment.  And my knitting is, well, fine.   I think that this may be the apocryphal calm-before-the-storm as next on my family agenda is nudging my father forward in his move to a retirement apartment.  He is 90 years old and lives in a multi-story house.  The time really has come for him to have a single story and have some food available that he does not have to cook for every meal.  We have a lovely, very upscale, retirement apartment building in our neighborhood and he already has friends living there so it is the perfect solution.  Now, can I just get him to actually put a deposit down and get on the waiting list for the two bedroom unit?  (I do hate thinking that I need for someone to die for him to get the larger unit but he will NEVER be happy in one bedroom and I want this to be a good move, not a move that dogs me the rest of my, or his, life.)  Naomi, at has kindly provided me some good suggestions on things I, and he, should consider as we plan this move and I encourage any of you with experience in this area to please chime in.  All help is greatly appreciated.


naomi dagen bloom said...

Is it too tacky for me to say that living in Virginia is sounding like living in Arizona--without the cactus. It's been so long since my residence was in a state where crazy things that were noticed nationally were happening. Oregon is pretty weird all the time but no one notices anything other than "Portlandia."

Marianne said...

I read this post days ago, and have wanted to post ever since. I am going through it in tandem, so my insights are still quite blurry. It has been very hard for me. I wish I had some pearls of experience to share...but not yet. I look forward to them coming soon! Thinking of you xoxoxo