Monday, April 30, 2012

more random musings.....

Still at the beach, enjoying the weather, and the solitude, but wondering how I'd feel if I didn't have a husband and family to go home to. Since I was an only child I am very good at being by myself.  It's a role that I understand and at which I am well practiced.  In fact, I need time alone.   But my friend L, who has never married, makes small comments about her life that makes  me wonder how I would fare if this solitary life was forever.

My father is getting more serious about moving to a senior apartment complex. Another step in life.  It will be a good decision but it is a milestone to admit that you should give up your house.  I'm certain it is a very hard decision for him to make and I hope I can make the move easy for him, if he actually follows through.  First we need to make an appointment with the place so he can get the full perpspective.

Am thinking about how to prepare for the Bermuda cruise we have scheduled with my father.  It is purportedly my birthday present from him, but since I've NEVER gotten a birthday present from him that is preposterous.  He just wants me around to handle all arrangements, luggage, etc - sort of his own private concierge.  (He's done that before.  Just ask me about our Ireland trip!)  My father loves to cruise and has generally gone once year with Maureen.  This year all four of us are going but taking Charlie on the cruise is like taking a two year old. He does not like to swim, sunbathe, read, or attend silly classes.  He is a perpetual motion person who, on the one three-day class reunion cruise we attended practically created a groove in the deck from walking around and around and around to pass the time.  This time we have lots of time at sea so he will be bored to death.  I do not eat at buffets.  They whole idea of the multitude of unwashed hands on the serving utensils, and the serving utensils falling into the food and the hands fishing them out...... Well, you get the picture.   So I will eat every meal in the dining room, not the more casual buffet.  This will really annoy my father who is like having another child and who wants to go to the buffet so he can pick his food and eat strange combinations of things without waiting for service.   I've also been reading on-line forums about cruising and have determined that these cruising people are just strange.  They spend tons of money on excursions such as swimming with dolphins, which is ecologically unsound at best, but obsess over how to save a dollar on their parking fee, or how to score a free while drink on the ship.  They apparently do cost comparisons on the most expensive items on the dinner menu and delight in gorging on a least two entrees.  These are not people that I think I have much in common with.  I promise, however, that I will be charming to my father, will do my best to keep Charlie entertained, and will make pleasant conversation with the inhabitants of this strange netherworld (I feel like I just recited the Girl Scout Law.)  and I'll probably even have a good time.

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Marianne said...

Funny, when I was in Chicago this month I was saying that it was the first time I truly wished I had someone to go home to. BTW, I read about your life and I love your life. So much I kinda want to marry it.