Monday, June 25, 2012

of this and that

We had a lovely dinner and evening with Katie and G.  They treated us to a wonderful dinner at a fondue restaurant as a combined and belated Mother's and Father's Day celebration.  We had a super good time and we discovered a restaurant that makes my father happy!   Since they prepared the fondue right at the table he could keep them from adding any garlic, and he also loved that fact that each bit he had was hot.  If only we had known this 25 years ago!  

After dinner we returned home where we all drank too much wine and then one of Daniel's friend's since first grade came over.  We always enjoy him and he is really like another son/brother.  He has struggled with his sexuality (we have though he was gay since elementary school but he took a longer time to realize it) and he is having tremendous difficulty in telling his parents he is gay.  I feel so sorry for him.  I can't imagine that his parents will have a problem with him being gay but he just so worried about telling them.  I feel so badly that this still has to be such  heartbreaking discussion in this day and age.  It is destroying lives and family relationships so unnecessarily. 

Katie and G stayed for breakfast on Sunday and we started talking about the great move to Ann Arbor.  They have so much to get done.  They started on making the list of what to get done and what to move.  I will help prep the house to be rented and will help financially with the move but there is so much that they must physically do to sort, throw-out, pack etc. that I just cringe at the whole process.  I just want them out of the house so Charlie and I can do the work that it needs to get a good tenant.  I know that it will be a long, hot summer with that hanging over their heads.

We topped off the weekend with dinner with some friends from Miami who were in town for their son's induction into the State Department Foreign Service.  We had a great time chatting and hearing about his new post in Nigeria.  The only downside was I believe that I was served caffinated coffee, not decaf, and consequently I had a burst of energy all night when I should have been sleeping.  I did, however, make great progress on finishing Sharon's baby blanket so not all that energy was wasted!

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