Thursday, June 07, 2012

we haven't even left home yet

and my father and I have had our first argument.  Tomorrow we leave for the Bermuda cruise.  While I was at his house downloading a book to his Nook I told him that I would put things in my carry aboard bag for him so he didn't need to deal with one.  He said that he had no carry aboard bag, that everything was in his suitcase.  I said, "But you need to carry aboard your medicines and your hearing aid stuff.  We don't want to be without it in case your luggage gets lost. I can put that stuff in my carry aboard."

Well, those of you who have followed bitching about my father can anticipate what came next.  First we had the explosive "NO, I'm not carrying anything on board."  To which I responded, "I know that.  I'm going to carry it."  After much discussion - through gritted teeth on my part and at high volume on his part - we agreed that I could pull the medicines from his bag and he would ask Maureen to to put them into her carry aboard. 

But the hearing aid stuff.   AH, there started the lies.  First he said that the stuff was buried in the suitcase and it would be fine.  I said "Humor me.  Just take it out and carry it on board.  You need your hearing aid batteries."  "NO", he exploded, "the bag is all packed."  So I said it wouldn't be hard to find the box, I'd just carefully unpack the bag.  He really didn't want me to do that so I knew something was up.  Clearly I wasn't going to find the hearing aid stuff when I unpacked and I didn't.  At that point we had to look all over the house to find it because he didn't know where it was.  Once we finally located it I left it in the little pile of things for Maureen to carry.  Without his hearing aids we couldn't possibly have a conversation without the entire ship listening in.  Luckily he is willing to wear them (not so much with his teeth, and I didn't check on those.)

I will be locked up at sea with this man for 6 days. 

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Hattie said...

He may calm down if he gets pampered enough. Is this Holland America? We did the cruise to Bermuda and loved it.