Sunday, December 02, 2012

homework assignment for this week

I am not a hoarder.  In fact, I'm noted for throwing things away, often things that I later realize that I need.  Once, in a frenzy of cleaning up I threw out my paycheck along with the some junk mail. But despite my tidy tendencies, I have a messy desk with paperwork that needs to be addressed - filed, reviewed and thrown out, sorted and organized.  And I doubt I could lay my hands on my will without going to the county offices where it is registered.  And there are some things I keep for no apparent reason.  It is just when my hand is over the trash can that I hesitate and pull back.  But as I start looking at my father's home through the lens of him moving, or dying, I realize that I need to do far more to get my act together.  Today's column by Michelle Singletary in today's Washington Post should be required reading by everyone, no matter what age or health status.  What a gift her friend gave to her friends...."A promise to a friend" by Michelle Singletary, Washington Post, Sunday, December 2, 2012.


Xtreme English said...

great article....thanks for linking it. and oh, boy, do I need to get my ship in order! I do have a will, but it's outdated and misplaced. lotta good that'll do!

joared said...

Excellent article. I've long proclaimed one of the kindest thing oldsters can do is minimize the "stuff" for their children to confront. My husband had everything well-organized when he died unexpectedly which simplified my life. My challenge now is to do the same, except I have so much more in our home. Also, I have to overcome remembering items I've parted with in the past and later wished I had.