Monday, December 10, 2012

It's time for a list

As the Christmas season gets into full-swing I feel like I'm falling behind.  This year I'm trying to not get insane with the shopping, rethinking, return cycle.  I've tried to just get things that the kids actually want/need and not worry about the "surprise" factor.  I really want to learn how to enjoy Christmas instead of dreading it.  But I feel like I'm approaching a critical period where a list is required to keep things in order.  So, bear with me for the next couple of weeks as I have my countdown.

  • Invites for Noche Buena - email and hand deliver.  Get Charlie's guest list.
  • Mail girls' packages.  
  • Have Daddy sign check and card for mailing.
  • Menu for Noche Buena
  • Decorate.   Can I get someone to help?  Maybe Sharon would have as much fun with tree decorations a she did with cookies?  Not exactly the activity you'd think to have a Jewish friend help with but maybe she's curious on what she's been missing out on.
  • Clean house.  Like really clean, not a lick and a promise.
  • Get Charlie to clear the leaves, before you do it yourself and then kill him.  I got the big blower repaired, the least he can do is push it around.
  • Order fresh ham on Friday for pick-up on Dec 21st.
  • Purchase Dragon Speak on Friday at Exchange - sale starts.order on-line as I was too late  to the sale
  • Today!  Buy children's books for bookclub and figure out a finger food to take to Margie's.
  • Wrap gifts Still waiting on delivery of a couple but everything in the house is wrapped!
  • Tidy D's room
  • Will I have time to make 1 more pair of slippers?

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