Friday, December 21, 2012

maybe it really is the end of the world

Our elected officials, ostensibly the people we think can best represent our interests, are acting like recalcitrant children.  The Republicans can't even get their own people to play well together, much less play nicely with the other team. And there is no end in sight to this temper tantrum.

After one of the most horrific episodes of gun violence ever, the NRA wants to energize its base to arm virtually everyone except those people on its "database of the mentally ill."  I believe that Wayne LaPierre, exec vp of the NRA, should be the first name in that database.  This man is truly delusional and dangerous and has a huge following through the NRA membership.  Scary.

And the pope rails against gay marriage in each of his recent addresses to his followers.  This hatred, this bigotry, from a man who is purportedly the personal emissary of god.

Are any one of these people in touch with reality?  Or have they been so taken with their self-centeredness and righteous anger that they are unable or unwilling to see anything but their own very narrow perspective?

I've not felt so hopeless since the Vietnam War.


Hattie said...

Please cheer up. There are things we can do!

ellen kirkendall said...

I do have some hope that the NRA is being shown to be a blind and stupid organization that fails to see where the general public and its own members is headed.

Of course I am personally limiting my consumption of news these days so as not to be in a constant state of despair and rage.

I hope you are otherwise having a blessed and happy holiday season and that the new year will bring you wonderful things.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Like you I've found the mood of the country like an infection that leads many to feel unable to change things for the better. But we can; it does, however, take a great psychic toll. I've had to push self up and away from the malaise.