Tuesday, June 03, 2014

a cooking mystery

We have some friends who live nearby and we really enjoy their company.  He and Charlie worked together and have that in common, in addition to the fact that he is a professional photographer and is always willing to go on a flying adventure with Charlie so he can take photos.  She is very nice and we really get along well and she got me interested in attending cooking classes with her.  She has an amazingly equipped kitchen with all high-end cookware, special pans, etc. and when we take cooking classes she is always as knowledgeable about technique as the instructor.  I am definitely a beginner at these classes but I they have helped me to develop a few new "signature dishes". ( My favorite is semolina gnocchi which is made in a pan and not boiled.  Very easy and amazing stuff which freezes well.)

We have a nice casual relationship with this couple, the kind where you can just call and say "Charlie's stopping for ribs on his way home.  Come on over for diner." or "Let's all get together Saturday night.  I'll cook something and you can bring dessert."  But the strange thing is she never has us for dinner, i.e. she never cooks.   Their invites are usually to try a new restaurant or for a casual meal at a local pizza place.  I'm a mediocre cook and have always said if you come to my house it is for the company as it is certainly not for the food. But she lives and breathes cooking - cookware, books, shows, classes.  So why doesn't she actually cook?  

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