Wednesday, November 09, 2011

T-giving party plans

I'm sorry to bore you with my lists but it really helps me stay organized to keep the list where I can always find it so here's another one -

Guest list - 15 people and counting, including 3 children.    We are now at 17 people.  We should be able to fit at the expanded dining room table, or should I give the children a children's table????  Maybe a small table next to the big table?  BIG TABLE IT IS!  Since Charlie made me an expanded table last year I can squeeze more people.

T-giving Party

updated Monday, Nov 21
updated Wednesday, Nov 23

Before dinner eats - K and G will provide antipasto platter, I'll have some cheese/crackers, etc.

Dinner -
  • Roast pork -Found a giant fresh ham at BJ's.  It will take about 7 1/2 hours to cook. Got to get up early!
  • Black Beans - C to make when he has some time, then freeze - DONE
  • Yuca and Mojo - boil and make sauce and freeze in the sauce - DONE
  • Rice
  • Plantains - purchased yesterday. 
  • Salad stuff - no one ever eats this. Why do I make it?  Oh, well, maybe our American guests will find it the only thing they recognize. FORGET ABOUT IT
  • Bread/Butter - do I need to order more Cuban bread from Tampa?  Check freezer - Have plenty of bread.
  • Make some Mac and Cheese for the kids.  This does break my rule on children should eat (or not eat) what is being served and that no special meals will be prepared.  I guess since these aren't my kids, and all this food is foreign to them I should make an exception this time.

 Dessert -
  • Guava pastries - in freezer - Actually she wants these for the ceremony so I have dozens in freezer.
  • Cheesecake Flan - make on Wednesday  DONE
  • Bread pudding - good luck with this.  Found recipe to try this week and it says you can freeze it.  Make on Monday and freeze. DONE
  • Pumpkin Flan - make on Wednesday DONE and it smells SOOOOO good!
  • And I'll have Charlie buy a pumpkin pie from the cafeteria at work! - Don't bother.  Buy one at Christmas.

Drinks - KandG said they would bring wine.  I'll have sparkling non-alcoholic juices and sodas.

Table is set.  Need to get out all serving dishes.  And get the giant plastic blow-up palm tree out of the dining room!  STILL WORKING ON THE PALM TREE.

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