Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three Ways to Approach Thanksgiving

When you are taking a break from your Thanksgiving preparations you might enjoy reading these different approaches to getting ready for Thursday.  

This one, How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner by Leslie Harpold, is my all time favorite.  Leslie Harpold was an early blogger and this column is from 2003.  I was sad to find out that she died a few years ago at age 40 and her blogs have been allowed to expire at the request of her familiy.

For the young, hip Thanksgiving attendees who are subjected to a family event, this one from the Village Voice by Jen Moll gives some tips -Your Modern-Day Thanksgiving Guide to Getting Through the Holiday With Only Slightly Less Dignity Than You Started With.

And for those of you practical types trying to ready the house and the meal for your families  here is a guide from the blog "Like Mother, Like  Daughter"   -  Ask Auntie Leila:  No really, how do you prepare for Thanksgiving?"

Now I must go vacuum and make my final grocery list.

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