Friday, August 17, 2012

At least Jonas grew up!

I Was A Teenage Objectivist! | The New Republic

This article was written by one of my daughter's dearest friends.  They were great friends through high school, even through their numerous spats, and continue to be best friends to this day.  If you read the article note that one of the "two girls in my AP English class" was my daughter and the other was her best friend.

Jonas grew out of his teenage fascination with objectivism although if you read his resume you'd think he was a prime candidate to be a wealthy, conservative, me-me-me kind of person.  Attended prestigious college and graduate schools;  editor of every college and graduate school publication that counted; got a highly prized and highly paid position following his pricey education;  tall, handsome, funny - the whole package.  He should be running for office on his looks alone.  But he is most importantly a nice and thoughtful person. 

If only Romney and Ryan would also grow up.


Hattie said...

That is a striking article. I read it before encountering it here. If only, as you say, more readers of Ayn Rand could outgrow her juvenile notions the way your daughter's friend did. It's amazing to me that anyone over the age of 21 could take Rand's ideas seriously.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Never had seen/known of the article before your link. Important to read and consider all the nerdy young men looking for...something...then find it in that dreadful book. Have encountered young male Ron Paul advocates who have similar aura. Thanks.