Tuesday, August 28, 2012

we interrupt this political campaign to go to the other most annoying thing in my life

which as you all know is my father.   Due to his deteriorating sight he has become much more dependent on me to provide his information and entertainment.  I know that he would rather be doing this himself and that he hates having to ask me to do these things.  I know that I feel terrible for him and I have been doing research and consulting with low vision specialists to find tools and equipment that will make his life easier.  I know that I am doing everything and more than can reasonably be expected.  That is everyone that is reasonable, and that does not include my father.

I have been getting him books on tape, actually books on CD and MP3 books, so that he has some entertainment besides the television, which, thankfully, he can still sort-of watch. (He can definitely hear it since he keeps the volume at ear-splitting levels at all times, even when he has his hearing aids in.)  I've selected some books for him and provided them in all kinds of formats - CD's for his CD player, I've gotten him an MP3 player for some of the other books so he can sit in a room other than where the CD player is located, and I've managed to put up a home media server so he can actually selected and listen to books from his TV.  I spend about 4 hours each day doing little things for him, or just sitting around waiting for instructions from him.  I also visit the library almost daily to get new books because he goes through them so fast.  I don't believe he actually listens to them for content but he seems to be enjoy them nonetheless.  But, he only wants books about New York City in the time period when he was growing up.  I understand why enjoys them so much, but does he understand that 1) there are limited books on tape about that time period, and 2) I spend half my waking hours researching said books, and 3) even when I find one that is in the catalog of audio books at county library, it is not available at my local library and I have to wait for them to transfer it to me?  NO.  He wants what he wants and he wants it now.  And when I fail to produce I am made to feel like I've let him down and that the six other books that I've painstakingly selected are not acceptable.

So if any of you have suggestions for books and authors who write about New York City, the Bronx, or even Brooklyn, the history of New York, or any time period about New York other than post 9/11, please let me know.  I'm getting pretty desperate.

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