Friday, August 10, 2012

Becoming a biker chick

After a number of times around our condo parking lot I decided that I would never get the courage to actually go out on a street with my new little scooter.  Going 10 mph in a straight line is one thing, going 35 mph in traffic and needing to make turns was quite another. So I signed up for the motorcycle safety course that is required for all motorcycle drivers in the state of Florida. I'm not required to have the class because my little scooter is only 49 cc (whatever that means. I think it means can only go slow.) but it is recommended and I think that is the only way I'll get the courage to actually leave the parking lot.

I did my first classroom session last night and I've done my homework and my first driving portion is tomorrow at 7 am - get up at 5 am, leave for location at 6 am, start learning to bike at 7 am!  I've bought some cute boots (required) at JC Penney, and I've pulled together a some jeans, a jacket, and some gardening gloves.  They will have a helmet and a scooter for me at the location.  At least I hope they have a scooter because I really don't want to have to learn to ride a motorcycle.

The people in my class run the gamut of the young kid who is learning to ride, the young adult who just moved here and had to sell his car to get the money to move so now is getting a motorcycle for cheap transportation, to the older guys who rode when they were young and are now looking for that youthful adventure again. There is one other woman whose husband rides a motorcycle and wants her to have her own so she doesn't just look at the back of his head on their trips. 

So I have class all day tomorrow and Sunday.  By Sunday night I'll either be listing my scooter on craigslist or I'll be buying an expensive helmet and taking to the streets!


Hattie said...

I'm jealous. I'm too poorly coordinated to ride a vehicle like that. It would be so much fun.

ellen kirkendall said...

You'll be glad you took the motorcycle class. There is a lot to know and not all of it is obvious. Enjoy your motorscooter!