Monday, October 22, 2012

Amongst some of my friends I've gotten the reputation of being a picky eater.  This is amusing since 1) I'll eat almost any kind of foodstuff, and 2) it is coming primarily from a friend who has declared herself gluten free and is always on some kind of bizarre diet which generally restricts her food choices to ice cream and Fritos.

What I am picky about is where I eat my food and with whom.  I do not eat at buffets unless it is my only choice and I am quite literally starving to death.  The idea of all the hands on the serving utensils, the utensils falling into the pans, people breathing, coughing, smelling, ....... you get the picture.  We recently went to a 170 item buffet as part of a conference "fun night".  Take it from me, you should never go to a restaurant where you are greeted by a pirate, "Ahoy, matey!   Arggg!"  It met all my expectations and more.  I drank iced tea and ate three fried shrimp taken from the way back of the pan.

Another of my eating issues is going in large groups and having people try to split the check.  Just order modestly along with the rest of the group, restrict your drink order to a glass of wine (and if you have more throw in extra money), and prepare to divide the check equally.  Do not get pissy over not having a cup of coffee at the end of the meal, do not insist that the tip be no more than 15, or 18 or whatever measly percent you allow the server, do not start exclaiming over that outrageous tax rate in whatever city you are in.  Just pay your share of the damn bill.  These large group dinners were common when I was traveling for work and I dreaded them to the point where I once told one of the offenders, when the group was going to a very nice restaurant that I often frequented, that I wasn't going with them because I didn't want to be associated with the group since I wanted to be welcome back to the restaurant when I went there the next time.  They thought it was a joke.  It wasn't.

I also have an issue with restaurants that are so loud you literally cannot hear yourself talk, much less the other guests at the table.  I never thought restaurant reviews would come with decibel ratings but here in DC they do.  It the decibel rating is too high I just don't go there.

So, does this make me a picky eater?  I think not.  I prefer to call it discerning.


Hattie said...

I'm totally with you here and especially about nit-picking over checks.
A woman I know always insists on "fairness" down to the last penny and is stingy on tips, all the while declaring that she is the most generous and caring person on earth. She also doesn't mind going into a restaurant, ordering toast and coffee, and sitting there for hours, gassing about husband and kids and how the world is going to hell these days. She and a group of women of the same ilk embarrassed me at a restaurant there, and I vowed never to go anywhere with her again. She has no shame.

joared said...

My dislike is for restaurants that play music with vocals. Soft instrumental music for background is most desirable for my tastes.