Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I. am. so. tired.

I am so tired of this election.  I am so tired of lies coming from Mitt Romney.  I am so tired of the hateful rhetoric from the Republicans, and some of the Democrats, too.  Can"t we all act like grown-ups and 1) tell the truth, and 2) avoid the "gotcha" mentality, and 3) be polite and follow the rules.  These are lessons that we supposedly learned in kindergarten. 

I live in Virginia where almost all the TV ads are political.  Sometimes they show the same one two or three times in succession without a break.  And our senatorial race is very contentious also so we have those ads, too. Kaine, a reasonable very middle-of-the road Democrat vs Allen, a bigot and blow-hard of the first order.  Both were former governor's of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The seat they are seeking is currently held by Jim Webb, a Democrat, who narrowly defeated Allen, the then incumbent, in 2006.   So for Allen this is really a grudge match and his thugishness shows.  He also has the smugface of Romney.  The two of them just have a face I want to slap.

I have been reduced to watching only shows available through Netfix, Hulu, and on-demand in order to avoid the political ads. 


Hattie said...

You aren't alone in feeling this way.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Always, always have to remind myself that Virginia is a southern place, very much so. Adjacency to D.C. seems irrelevant. Realize my view is narrow due toum only connecting with its most northern parts.