Wednesday, October 10, 2012

busy busy

It's very nice to be busy having a good time.  We just returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC where husband had a conference.  I loved being in a beautiful beachfront hotel and not having to do presentations or attend meetings.  It was a totally new experience!  We had fabulous weather - 80's and sunny - and I met some very interesting people.  From there we drove to my sister-in-law's home to celebrate her birthday weekend and had a good time visiting family.  Foxnews on the TV 24/7 was a bit off-putting but she didn't comment on our bumper sticker and we didn't comment on her yard sign.  The amazing thing is that she and her husband are living strictly on social security and have no savings to fall back on and she just doesn't see that they are the ones that will be losers should Romney win. 

Back home to a nice lunch with a friend and my bookclub meeting.  Next up getting ready for a trip to Peaks of Otter with friends this weekend.  I have purchased a mexican train dominos game to pass the time while we are there since it is pretty isolated with no TV, internet access, or phones.  It's kind of like camping in a hotel.  Before we leave I'll make a trip to Trader Joe's for wine and snacks and we will have the makings of a good party.  The mexican train dominos are a fun game although I really can't remember the rules or strategies.  When I played last I was both exhausted and drunk and didn't grasp the nuances of the game.  In fact, I abandoned my team and went to sleep on the sofa. 

The next trip is another conference at the beach!  YES!  and this one is in Fort Lauderdale so we can combine it with another visit to see family.  How lucky is that!  and I'm planning to stay at our beach place for some extra days to visit with a friend who is dealing with a critically ill husband.  She has lots of friends in Florida but I think she needs a friend from 'home' for a little while.   

And finally, Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor.  Plane tickets are bought and I've booked a studio apartment through VRBO.  Never tried Vacation Rentals by Owner but figured this was a good first trip to try it.  If we get there and it is a scam we can always sleep on KT and G's blow-up bed and I'm not out much of a deposit.  If it is good then I'll have discovered a great place for our future trips to Ann Arbor.  I really like finding funky little places to stay - I have  favorites in San Jose, Los Angeles and Portland, OR that are small little places that have funky charm, good locations, and cheap.

My next few weeks are pretty packed which will help keep me from being depressed at the coming winter.  Today I had to put on the slipper socks that I crocheted a couple of weeks ago and my feet are glad I was pro-active in getting ready for the cold.


marianne said...

hahahahahahahaha Thanks for the laugh. Loved the sleeping on the couch thing! xoxoxo

ellen kirkendall said...

I think a bit of time in Fort Lauderdale should help keep your mood cheerful! Sounds like you are having an adventurous fall.

Hattie said...

Isn't it fun to travel? Our recent trip to Peru was great!
We're off to Seattle soon to visit our kids & grandkids and can hardly wait.
Enjoy your adventures. I'm glad you can be there for friends, too.