Monday, October 29, 2012

I just started putting food back into the freezer

After last summer's derecho wind storm when I had to throw out EVERYTHING from my refrigerator and upright freezer, I decided to delay restocking anything until the end of hurricane season.  Although we generally don't get hit by hurricanes we did have one in August 2011 and I decided not to tempt fate for the remainder of this summer.  So only recently I started slowly restocking the freezer.  Safeway had a great sale on shrimp, another sale on steak....  So  the freezer is not too full but it has some high cost items in it.  And now, Hurricane Sandy!   I've moved all the lawn furniture and plants into the porch, put batteries in all theflashlights, checked the oil supply for the oil lamps, pulled out the box of candles, and stocked up on wine.  Now we are eating our way through the freezer before we lose power.   Saturday was steak, last night was shrimp, tonight it will depend on if we have electricity or not. 

And my father!  He refuses to leave his home and stay with us.  So I've put batteries in his radio and flashlights, bought cans of soup in case he loses power and just have to hope for the best.   His basement may flood and there is nothing we can do about that and I hope the 300 year old tree in the yard doesn't fall on the house.

My hope is that since so many trees fell in our neighborhood during the derecho the ones still standing are strong and sturdy and that the power lines that came down and were replaced are also sturdy.  But I know that no power line can hold back a falling tree and in my heavily wooded neighborhood I think we are sunk.

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