Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY project list

Today I happened to glance at the list on my sidebar of the DIY projects that I posted last spring:
  • Frame sailing picture
  • Frame Sedona poster
  • Plant flowers front yard
  • Plant shrubs, etc around deck
  • Herb garden - where to place?
  • Wash windows - after yellow pollen season
  • Paint bedroom
  • Tile backsplash mudroom - learn to tile project
  • Tile backsplash - kitchen
I have only  completed two of the projects - plant flowers in front yard and the herb garden - and even they weren't very successfully completed. For the flowers in the front I was planting perennials as I hate planting things and only wanted to have to do this once but the combination of a drought and heat killed most of what I planted so I'll have to do this again next year.  The herb garden, although in the proper location, was also not a success as the drought and some teeny tiny bugs got into the plants.  Since these were herbs and I didn't want to use any pesticide, the plants were pretty well munched on before I got to use much.

Maybe I can claim that I made progress on the two framing projects as I did get a super catalog from an artist friend where I can get the pre-cut materials for the huge frames I need that will be far cheaper than using a frame shop, and easier than a total frame-it-yourself project.   Now I need to get around to ordering the materials.  The painting/washing/tiling projects are still waiting for some action.  I've found the tile I want and now need the courage to try to put it on the wall.

I should probably revisit my to-do list a little more often if I want to make any progress.

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